Competition for authentic traditional costume “Rozhen” 2019

The Bulgarian folk costume is perceived as a family relic, which carries, keeps and conveys the virtues of the kinship group. The used rich embroidered ornaments represent a kind of scale model of the cosmos.
For the first time at our Festival in Rozhen we will have a competition for authentic female, male and children’s traditional costume and attractive presentation!

  • Everyone who has come to the event can participate in the competition.
  • Every participant will present his/her traditional costume – years, ethnographic area, or from which region of Bulgaria it is, when and by whom it was worn, and so on. within 3 minutes.
    The beauty and uniqueness of the traditional folk clothing, the embroideries, the colors and the jewelery created by the skillful hands of the ancestors will be professionally and expertly assessed! The winners of the contest will receive cash prizes and a personal, professional photo session with their costume to keep the memories from their experience for the generations to come.
    You can register in advance by sending an e-mail to: or calling tel.0879 83 34 64, as well as on-site until 14.00 on Saturday, 20th of July, at the Information Center of the Festival.

We are expecting you from the 19th until the 21st of July at the Rozhen – Festival of Folklore and Livestock Breeding!

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