5 products with a price ceiling on Rozhen 2019

There will be a price ceiling of 5 products at the Festival of Folklore and Livestock Breeding- Rozhen 2019. In the restaurants on the territory of the Festival kebapche, kiufte and 500 ml of water will be sold at a price up to 1.50 leva, up to 2.50 leva will be the cost the beer, and up to 3.00 leva – a portion of fried potatoes.
The maximum prices are fixed and they will be strictly monitored to avoid speculations. Signals for detected inconsistencies can be sent to the organizers of the Festival “’Rozhen – Heritage in the Future” Association at tel: 0887 070405.
The menues and food prices of each restaurant will be announced in advance on the Festival’s website www.rozhen.bg, as well as in all restaurants in the days from the 19th to the 21st of July.
In the days of the Festival, visitors can freely make a picnic at Rozhen meadows with food and beverages brought by themselves!

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