Rozhen Festival in 1908


In 1908 Rozhen Festival was especially solemn.

In the Ottoman Empire the Young Turk Revolution had started and liberty and forgiveness was given to the Bulgarian rebels – ilindentsi (participants in the Ilinden–Preobrazhenie Uprising in Macedonia in 1903).The Chepelare border post and the local intellectuals make a special invitation to the Turkish headquarters in Smolyan to attend the festival.The Turkish officers accept the invitation and announce the remission of the Rhodopeankomes.The festival is attended by the known in the entire region komes and famous gaida playersTodorHvoinev – Hvoyniu fromLovechovovillage, HristoLakudov – Lakudata from Chokmanovo village and Liutata from Smolyan.

The photo by the photographer Krum Savov is from the next 1909and has “sealed” the voivodeTodorHvoinev (sitting in the middle with a cane) among friends and followers at the Rozhen Festival on the 27th of July 1909.

The photo is courtesy oftheRegional Museum of History “StoyuShishkov” – Smolyan.

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