Information Rozhen Festival 2016


The National Festival of Folklore and Livestock Breeding “Rozhen” is an innovative cultural event, a successor to the Rozhen festival which started as a family gathering in 1898 and developed in the next century as the National Festival of Folklore and Livestock Breeding of Bulgaria.
The event features large crowds of visitors and performers presenting folk songs, customs, rituals, oral folklore, dances, clothing and costumes – a full representation of our traditional folk culture. In today’s world this cultural wealth brings joy, pride, national identity and promotes a quest for and preservation of ethnicity. The festival offers a large-scale exhibition of the traditional Bulgarian occupation of livestock breeding, presented in our modern times.
The festival includes:
• Folklore Competition “Rozhen”
• Traditional crafts
• Ethnographic and museum exhibitions
• Expositions of sheep, goats, horses, dogs, cows and buffaloes
• Dairy and meat products from the farm
• Exhibitions of organic food and drinks
• Folk games and wrestling matches
• Culinary shows and Cheverme cooking
• Horse attractions
• Folk festivities


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