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63 folklore ensembles and individual performers were rewarded for their participation in the folklore competition of the Festival of Folklore and Livestock Breeding “Rozhen-2015.” From 17 to 19 July on the four stages over 8000 participants demonstrated their talent – from vocal, instrumental and dance groups and groups of folk customs to individual performers – singers, instrumentalists and storytellers from across the country. On each stage first, second and third prizes were awarded by the jury in the different categories.
Special awards were given to the youngest and oldest bagpipe performers who participated in the Folk Competition of Rozhen – the five-year-old Kostadin Margaritov and the 86-year-old Iliya Kadiev, both coming from Smolyan.
The Bagpiper trio from the Community Center “Consciousness -1929”, Gela village, were awarded as the best young instrumentalists, along with the Orchestra of Folk Instruments from the Community Center “N. Vaptsarov-1927”, Bata village (Municipality of Panagyurishte), and the Bagpipe trio from the Community Center “The forests of Orpheus – 1870”, Smolyan city, part of the orchestra “100 bagpipes.” Special awards were given to Georgi Dobrev, a piper from Plovdiv, Youth Dance Group of “Enlightenment -1928”, Chargan village, Tunja Municipality, pipers Zlatin Semerdzhiev, Vassil Margaritov and Stoycho Chetrafilov from the orchestra of “100 bagpipes” in Smolyan.
The Association of Community Centers in Bulgaria awarded prizes for participation in the Festival to the following Community Centers: “Grandpa Ivan Arabadjiyata -1926”. Tsaratsovo village, Municipality of Plovdiv; “Enlightenment – 1900”, Devnya village; “Father Paisius – 1927” Ivaylo village, Municipality of Pazardzhik and “Progress – 1926” , Sredets village, Municipality of Nedelino.


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