The Miracle of Rozhen is approaching

15 Jul 2015

Latest news before the Spectacular Folk and Livestock Breeding Festival of Rozhen 2015
At a press conference in Smolyan the current program was announced and the latest news were discussed before the grand festival of folk art and livestock breeding “Rozhen 2015”.This innovative cultural event is to be held from 17 to 19 July 2015 in Rozhen, which resides in the Rhodope mountain meadows. It is organized by the Association “Rozhen – Our Heritage in the Future” and the Municipality of Smolyan in partnership with the Municipality of Chepelare and with the kind of cooperation with the Ministry of Culture. Rozhen 2015 is under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr. Rossen Plevneliev, who will arrive specially for the inauguration. The very beginning will be launched at the sound of 400 bagpipes, who will make Rozhen meadows resound with inspiring music in order to revive the famous “Miracle of Rozhen”. The opening will also include the demonstration of a grandiose decor of the Bulgarian tricolor flag with the impressive size of 5400 square meters.
Despite its nine years of absence and the emerging of new folk festivals across the country, the Festival still remains the most attractive and most large-scale folklore event in the country – absolutely submerged into the national and folklore spirit. According to the mayor of Smolyan Nikolay Melemov, the Rozhen Festival will be the largest event of such kind of the year.The Folklore contest will be held on top of four stages. The singing groups and ensembles amount to 315 people, whereas a total of 7565 people will perform, coming from all folklore regions of Bulgaria. There will be 261 solo performances; 30 duet performances; 12 orchestra participations and 30 were customs whose stage reconstruction will recall the richness of our traditional culture. For the first time Rozhen there will be a review of authentic costumes from all over Bulgaria. The collection is Angel Nizamski and collected for 32 years. In the fashion show will be featured and contemporary men’s fashion with folk motifs RICHMART.
Attractive outdance performances for the best dance groups will take place in all three days of the festival, as the winners will be awarded cash prizes. Rozhen will also be a stage for 306 folk groups from community centers, which are the oldest cultural and educational institutions that have preserved to this present day various customs, traditions and spiritual values of Bulgarian people. 94 are the dancing groups of kindergartens, schools, retirement clubs and organizations of people with disabilities. There are also special events for children who will attend the Rozhen Festival of 2015. Guests of the festival will be children of 10 nursery homes, deprived of parental care. Money will be collected for a charity cause as well and particularly for the treatment of women with breast cancer.
Over 8100 participants will have a total of four stages available for demonstrating their talent – both from the competition and the concert, which is 2100 more people than those who performed in 2000 and 2006. It serves as proof of the talent and capabilities of Bulgarian song and dance, rooted in the inexhaustible native folklore. Every day from 13:00 to 13:20 the arranged program on the stages will pause in order for a huge Bulgarian horo (round dance) to form, which is expected to include about 30 000 people. Apart from the heavy amount of popular and folklore activities in the three days of the Festival, there will also be various mobile exhibitions of livestock bred in our own country and more than 300 purebred animals – sheep, goats, horses, donkeys, cows and buffaloes, and over 200 dogs of various breeds, including the Karakachan dog. In the Craft alley 65 craftsmen from across the country will show their hand-made souvenirs and items, created through artistic ancient technologies, and will demonstrate their skills. Pottery, cutlery, copper, weaving, furierry, woodcarving, icon painting and the so called plasti are all part of the crafts, which can be exhibited live at the fest. In the three days of Rozhen, mobile museum exhibitions of art works illustrating the livestock from our own land will be available, along with some ethnographic art collections of the region. Chronologically, the festival’s past can be traced in the exhibition “Rozhen – history, songs, stars” of the Regional Historical Museum “Stoyu Shishkov” -Smolyan. The National Museum of History will present the International project “Canepal”, focusing on the sheepherding in the Rhodopes and the pastoral life in Europe, in general. There will also be some exhibitions of dairy and meat products from the farm, specialized farming equipment, etc. The program includes farming competitions, wrestling, dog shows, culinary shows, dances on live coals (nestinari) and as for the evenings, they will pass in spectacular concerts, performances by coal dancers, other folk festivities. Organizers expect the event to be attended by over 350,000 people.

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