Nestinari at Rozhen 2019

The mystic dance of the nestinari under the stars of Rozhen!

You may only experience this at the Festival of Folklore and Livestock Breeding – Rozhen2019.

The barefootdance on smouldering embers is an ancient pagan ritual which is connected to the ancient Thracians, and after accepting Christianity with St. Konstantin and his mother Elena.

According to old beliefs, the fire destroys and cleanses all the evils, both from the people and the earth, and the nestinari dancing is a prayer to the heavenly forces for success, fertility and prevention form diseases.

The purifying power of the fire forgives the sins not only of the nestinari dancers but also of those present at the ritual, making them stronger and calmer! That is why the nestinari carry in hands through the smouldering emberssick people to heal as well as children and young peoplefor longevity.

You can see the Bulgarian rulers of fire – the nestinari, on the 19th and 20th of July at the Rhodope meadows from 21:30.

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