National Festival of Folklore and Livestock Breeding “Rozhen” 2016 – Status

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The National Festival of Folklore and Livestock Breeding “Rozhen” is an innovative cultural event, a successor to the Rozhen festival which started as a family gathering in 1898 and developed in the next century as the National Festival of Folklore and Livestock Breeding of Bulgaria.
The event features large crowds of visitors and performers presenting folk songs, customs, rituals, oral folklore, dances, clothing and costumes – a full representation of our traditional folk culture. In today’s world this cultural wealth brings joy, pride, national identity and promotes a quest for and preservation of ethnicity. The festival offers a large-scale exhibition of the traditional Bulgarian occupation of livestock breeding, presented in our modern times.

The festival includes:
• Folklore Competition “Rozhen”
• Traditional crafts
• Ethnographic and museum exhibitions
• Expositions of sheep, goats, horses, dogs, cows and buffaloes
• Dairy and meat products from the farm
• Exhibitions of organic food and drinks
• Folk games and wrestling matches
• Culinary shows and Cheverme cooking
• Horse attractions
• Folk festivities

The festival will take place at the Rozhen meadows in the Municipality of Smolyan on 15, 16 and 17 July 2016. The event is possible thanks to the public-private partnership of Smolyan Municipality and NGO “Rozhen – Heritage in the future.”


The participation in the contest is voluntary and free of charge.
Applications for the contest can be submitted by folk singers, musicians, dancers, storytellers, singing and dancing groups, various groups for folk customs and rituals, orchestras and ensembles.
Professionals are not allowed to perform.
Foreign groups and individual performers of Bulgarian folklore are also allowed to take part.
On several stages, the contest entrants present their performance under the following regulations:
• Dance groups and groups of folk customs – up to 8 minutes.
• Vocal and instrumental groups – up to 6 min.
• Individual performers – up to 5 minutes.
The performances are monitored and evaluated by a competent jury, as the performers receive I-st, II-nd and III-rd prizes, as well as some special awards in the competition. All participants will receive certificates.
The costs of travel and stay are borne by the participants. The municipality of Smolyan has a Tourist Information Centre, which will provide any information on possibilities for accommodation and stay during the days of the festival – Tel: 00359 301 62 530.
The copyright of the performances belongs entirely to the organizers.
The program of the Festival can be filmed and broadcast by electronic media only under the conditions of preliminary contracts.

Applicants submit an application form published on the website of the Smolyan Municipality: and the website of the festival:, also sent to all municipalities.
The Application form includes:
Name of the group/ensemble, director/head of the team, number of performers, address and telephone for contact, repertoire, duration of performances and other significant information.
The deadline for application submissions is June 15, 2016 on e-mails:

or on post address: Smolyan 4700, 12 “Bulgaria” Blvd; Smolyan Municipality, “Social activities and employment” Administration – about “Rozhen”.
Telephones for inquiries regarding applications: 00359 301 67 628;
00359 301 67 652.

In early July 2016 each participant will receive their own address information concerning their participation in the Folklore Festival “Rozhen” with the exact date, time and stage of performance, and a marking plate for the vehicle.

Download Status of the Festival “Rozhen” – 2016

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